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  Recommended Publications on System and Software Safety

Within their categories, publications are listed from most recent to least recent.


Safeware: System Safety and Computers by Nancy Leveson


Safety-Critical Requirements Specification and Analysis Using SpecTRM

SpecTRM: A CAD System for Digital Automation

Safety Analysis Tools For Requirements Specifications

Human-Computer Interaction

Modeling Controller Tasks for Safety Analysis

Designing Automation to Reduce Operator Errors

Analyzing Software Specifications for Mode Confusion Potential

Software System Safety

Demonstration of a Safety Analysis on a Complex System

High-Pressure Steam Engines and Computer Software 

Related References

Requirements Specification and Analysis

Preserving System Safety across the Boundary between System Integrator and Software Contractor 

The Safety Risk of Requirements Incompleteness 

Intent Specifications: An Approach to Building Human-Centered Specifications 

Designing Specification Languages for Process Control Systems: Lessons Learned and Steps to the Future 

Integrated Safety Analysis of Requirements Specifications

Completeness and Consistency Analysis of State-Based Requirements 

Requirements Specification for Process-Control Systems 


System Safety and Accident Models

A New Accident Model for Engineering Safer Systems

Safety and Risk Driven Design in Complex Systems of Systems

Applying STAMP in Accident Analysis

System-Theoretic Hazard Analysis Methodology (STPA)

Software Fault Tolerance

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