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  Technical Support

Contact sales@safeware-eng.com if you are interested in purchasing a support contract for SpecTRM. Support contracts offer you a fixed number of hours from our support engineers to help troubleshoot any problems you encounter. Safeware's technical support may also be purchased on a per-incident basis.

Any support request, whether part of a support contract or a per-incident issue, will not be billed to a customer if, in Safeware's sole discretion and determination, the issue is found to be caused by a defect in Safeware's software.

You may contact Safeware technical support by emailing support@safeware-eng.com or calling (206) 328-4880. Below are a few guidelines to help you get the most from our support services.

Help Us Help You

When working with Safeware's technical support, we will treat you with courtesy and professionalism. We will endeavor to develop a fix or workaround in as timely a fashion as possible. However, there are steps you can take that will make it much easier for us to help you.

  1. Make regular backups of your files. This is always prudent, no matter what the environment or occasion.

  2. When contacting Safeware technical support, include your support contract number. If you do not have a support contract, please indicate that you want per-incident support. If you are contacting us about an existing support request, please include your incident number.

  3. When reporting your problem, click on the Help -> About menu option. Then click the Configuration Details button. This will open an editor window with diagnostic information about your installation of SpecTRM, including an error log. Please append this information (yes, all of it) to the email you send to our technical support staff.

  4. Whenever possible, please include the steps that led up to a problem or steps that can be used to duplicate it.

  5. If you believe your problem involves any third party software, please indicate what software and version is involved. Note that Safeware is not able to offer support for other software packages, including plugins to SpecTRM that are not authored by Safeware.

  6. Lastly, please remember that until we can reproduce your problem on our own development and test equipment, you are our only source of information about your problem. The more thorough, detailed, and accurate information you can provide us about your trouble, the more easily and quickly we will be able to diagnose and remedy the problem.

Trial Period

Safeware offers a fully functional trial version of SpecTRM. The software is, in every way, identical to the fully licensed version of SpecTRM, except that the license key used with the software is only valid for 30 days from the installation of the software. You may also contact sales@safeware-eng.com to arrange for a longer trial period. Because of this liberal trial policy, we emphasize thoroughly evaluating the software and deciding if it is right for you before purchasing SpecTRM.

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