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  SpecTRM: Specification Tools and Requirements Methodology


SpecTRM is designed to assist in the development of software-intensive safety-critical systems. Because most decisions that affect safety are made early in the product life cycle, SpecTRM focuses on system requirements and specification.

SpecTRM uses a new approach to organizing system specifications, intent specifications, and the SpecTRM-RL formal modeling language. Intent specifications emphasize recording design rationale, the why of system specification, as well as what and how.

A key feature of the intent specification is a black box model of the software behavior. This model is written in SpecTRM-RL (SpecTRM Requirements Language). SpecTRM-RL is founded on formalisms that support execution of the specification as well as automated safety analyses. However, SpecTRM-RL does not require training in mathematics to read. Domain experts can be taught to review SpecTRM-RL models in only a few minutes.


Learn more about building black box models



Black Box Model of the Software Behavior of an Altitude Switch

Key Benefits Features System Requirements

Find errors early in the development phase

Trace requirements and design rational (including safety constraints) throughout system development and documentation

Integration of system safety in the system development process

Traceability of hazards in the system and software requirements and design

Completeness of system requirements

Ease of review of system specifications by project members and system safety engineers


Intent Specifications: a new way to structure specifications that supports system, safety, and software engineering tasks.

SpecTRM-RL: an executable requirements specification language.

SpecTRM's user-friendly editor supports the development of system specifications.

System behavior can be simulated directly from the requirements.

Complete requirements specifications can be constructed in the SpecTRM toolset and SpecTRM-RL modeling language.

SpecTRM is available for Microsoft Windows platforms.

System Requirements:
CPU: 750 Mhz Intel (or compatible, such as AMD) processor

Memory: 256 MB

Hard Drive Space: 100 MB (more for installation)


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