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  Pricing, Availability, and Trial Downloads

SpecTRM Pricing and availability information is available upon request.

SpecTRM may be downloaded for a 30 day trial. If you would like a longer trial period, contact sales@safeware-eng.com. Safeware Engineering Corporation also makes SpecTRM available to qualified non-profit academic and research institutions at no cost. Contact sales@safeware-eng.com for details.

SpecTRM comes in two versions, a standard version and a developer version. Both versions contain all of the tools for working with intent specifications and SpecTRM-RL models. The developer version also includes the Eclipse platform tools necessary to develop custom plugin extensions to SpecTRM.

Download a 30 day full-featured trial version of SpecTRM.

A tutorial is available to walk through the features of the software.

Please get in touch with technical support at support@safeware-eng.com if you have any questions or comments about SpecTRM.

Note: If installed on a Windows 2000 system, SpecTRM must be run as the Administrator the first time the program is run in order to properly finish setup. Subsequently, running SpecTRM can be done with non-administrator user accounts.


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