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SpecTRM Pricing and Availability
Safeware Engineering Corporation has strong ties to the academic research community. Qualified non-profit academic institutions may be eligible to receive SpecTRM licenses at no cost. Contact sales@safeware-eng.com for details.

SpecTRM may be licensed in three ways: node-locked, floating, or floating bundle.

Node-locked licensing ties SpecTRM to a particular computer. One user on that computer may use SpecTRM at any given time. The advantage of node-locked licenses is that they are completely self-contained and may be used wherever that computer is. These are ideal for laptops that may be taken on travel, for example.

Floating licensing requires a computer to act as a license server. Any number of copies of the SpecTRM software may be installed at your location. When a user runs a copy of SpecTRM, that copy will check out a license from the license server. As many users may check out licenses as you have licenses loaded into your license server. The advantage of floating licenses is that you may share a license pool among a larger number of users as long as they don't all try to use licenses at the same time. All installations sharing one floating license server must be able to access that license server via a TCP/IP network (using an IP number or hostname for the license server) throughout the time the software is in use.

Floating bundles are a packaged bundle of five (5) floating editor licenses and one (1) floating simulator license. In many organizations, many more people need to read, review, and edit requirements specifications than need to execute the SpecTRM-RL model to validate behavior. Recognizing this need, Safeware offers this bundle as a way to purchase additional editor licenses at less cost than five full copies of the software.

Costs for SpecTRM are as follows:

Node-locked     Floating        Floating Bundle
$7,000/license       $8,050/license          $16,000/bundle

If you plan to purchase more than five (5) licenses of SpecTRM, contact sales@safeware-eng.com about volume licensing discounts.

Note that there is no difference between licensing costs for the standard and developer versions of SpecTRM. In fact, a SpecTRM license may be used with either version of the product. The difference between the two versions is that the SpecTRM developer version includes additional Eclipse tools necessary to build plug-in modules that extend SpecTRM's capability. If you do not plan to custom code your own extensions to SpecTRM, you do not need the developer version and should install the standard version.

Purchasing a maintenance contract will provide access to software updates released by Safeware Engineering Corporation. Maintenance contracts last for one (1) year and cost 15% of the initial software licensing cost.

Support beyond initial installation and licensing may also be purchased. A support contract entitles the purchasing organization to as many hours of support as are purchased at a rate of $150/hour. The contract lasts one year, at which point unused support is lost. Per-incident support is also available at a rate of $200/hour.


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