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About Safeware Engineering Corporation

Safeware Engineering Corporation was formed 1991 to perform applied research and development for real-time, safety-critical systems. Safeware’s mission is “to expand and integrate system safety to include software, by providing industry and government with state-of-the-art safety analysis utilizing our proven and unique tools and techniques.”

Safeware applies research results and state-of-the-art engineering techniques to real industrial and government problems. We work with companies to improve the safety of their products, tailor tools to their environments, and provide training. Please browse our services and products to see how we can help you achieve your safety-related goals. If you are new to system and software safety, browse our site for articles to help you understand the process.

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Safeware Engineering Corporation

1290 Bay Dale Drive, #332

Arnold, MD 21012-2325

Phone: (206) 328-4880


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